There Is Therefore Now No             Condemnation!
Thanks for visiting my peer review website for my new book on the meaning of salvation in one's life.  I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to make comments on the Google Documents, it is much appreciated.  You and my other friends will be editing this one chapter at a time.  I really appreciate your input and I think together, with your help we can build something great.  From this book I hope to expand to evangelistic endeavors that will spread the good news of Jesus and how he changes our lives.  

Your friend,
Ernest Randolph
About the Author

Ernest Randolph
B.A., Youth Ministry, Colorado Christian University, 1986

M.A., Youth and Family Ministry, Denver Seminary, 1994

Worked as a Youth Pastor/youth worker, paid and volunteer, 1988 to present.

Pastor of the Bible Lounge at Sit-N-Bull Saloon in Indian Hills, Colorado

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